The different layers of the Protein Layer make this delicious protein bar a tasty alternative to the usual ways of topping up your daily protein intake. In addition to its extraordinary taste, it has a high protein content of 33% and is also low in sugar.

The protein content supports your muscle growth. This makes the Protein Layer the perfect protein snack for in between meals.

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Dr Kathrin Vergin - Official Nutrition Expert at Multipower

Nutrition is a fundamental part of a balanced fitness lifestyle. Dr Kathrin Vergin is a true expert in nutrition, specialising in the topic of 'emotional eating', and we're happy to have her on board. Kathrin is the author of the Emotional Eating Journal, a journalist and co-editor at Harburger Blatt and a member of the German Federation of Journalists. She's also a subject expert for various trade journals and TV productions.

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